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09/25 San Diego, California
Sound Lounge Studios
01/06 Killeen, Texas
Killeen Texas

I Am Boss Wood

Stand on what you say and do what you do for the love of it! This is the message that Boss Wood speaks, raps, and has shared with his audience throughout his music career. There is no limit on greatness when it’s the greatness that has been assigned to you. He is a living example of this testimony.  At the age of 14 he knew the music was IT for him. Although not yet fully positioned to carry the load, the creativity was alive and in full effect. The talent wasn’t always appreciated. Stepping out on the stage at 16 and getting laughed at was a pivotal point in Boss Wood’s career, but what may have been a reason for anyone else to throw in the towel, only fueled his desire to be great. At the age of 17, he was given a major opportunity to work with a long-admired group DSB (Dem Savage Boys), creating music and doing what he was born to do. However, this was just the start of something amazing. Now it was becoming even more clear. He was being SEEN for the true talent and hard work that he had been putting in. Now people were LISTENING to what he had to say.

He states, “There is no greater feeling than watching someone develop that ear for your music. You know you’ve done a good job when that punchline hits and their face lights up. That’s instant gratification!” Gratification indeed! His humility is not outshined by his power. His talent is balanced out perfectly with his love for people and his desire to see them succeed and discover their true selves. Being familiar with the woes of life have enabled him to relate to the feelings of despair. Having to choose between food or studio time. Not knowing what the next day was going to bring. Possessing so much fire but having no way to put it out into open ears due to lack of money are just a few of the roadblocks that Boss Wood has had to face. Yet, this same experience was only grooming him for what was to come. The comfort was in the music itself and so he continued to write, knowing that one day, this restriction would pass and the platform would be opened up to him once again.

So, the grind never stopped. Looking up to artists like BIG KRIT, STARLITO, and DON TRIP, Boss Wood realized his place wasn’t amongst the mainstream artists who tend to feed the crowd with the same message of normalcy that is sugar-coated with flashy clothes and women. Upon releasing both singles in 2018 “FACTS” and “BE GREAT” it became apparent that his message was different. He aimed to touch people at their core, teaching them that true greatness came from within and not from materials and thus, he used money made not to show off, but instead to progress in his music career. Besides, being a Step Dad required a different way of thinking for him. Now, he had kids who looked to him to set the example. Yet it has also brought so much value into who he is as a man, and he hopes that men will learn to embrace the role of fatherhood.

So, what happens next for Boss Wood? I guess the question would be, is there anything that CAN’T happen for him? No, because if God wills it and Boss Wood follows the path set out for him then he knows that there are no limitations. Yes, he’s just one man. But he’s one man that is positioned to touch the lives of many for years to come.